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Closing Comments from the May 23, 2023 BOC Meeting

Good afternoon, everyone:

I would like to begin my comments today by congratulating all our graduates. Commencement is an important milestone and I wish all of you well!

On May 11 I attended the Fallen Officers Memorial Ceremony, which commemorates the DeKalb County Police Officers who have died in the line of duty since this county’s inception. And I have attended this ceremony every year that I have been in office. It is a solemn remembrance and altogether appropriate and fitting that we should do such a thing. I commend our Police Chief Mirtha Ramos and her entire team for the professional manner in which this ceremony was executed. And may those who have fallen rest in peace.

That afternoon I attended the MARTA Board meeting. It was good to check in with our DeKalb County members of the board. And it was interesting to see that their public comment period can get as lively as ours does sometimes.

On May 20 it was a pleasure to attend the DeKalb Lawyers Association’s 39th Annual Scholarship Breakfast at the Porter Sanford Center. During the event, several well-deserving law students were recognized, and it was great to be in attendance. I would like to commend my dear friend and Association President Judge Shondeana Morris for her leadership of this great organization and for the invitation to attend.

Judge Shondeana Morris, Commissioner Bradshaw, and Judge Kiesha Storey at the DeKalb Lawyers Association Scholarship Breakfast
With Judge Shondeana Morris and Judge Kiesha Storey at the DeKalb Lawyers Association Scholarship Breakfast

After that I attended the South DeKalb Improvement Association Education (SDIAE) General Body Meeting at New Life Church. This organization is focused on improving the community through education and dedication. Last year I was very pleased to make a $20,000 allocation to SDIAE from my discretionary ARP funds to support the work of this great organization. I commend Executive Director Ella Davis, and the entire leadership team for this vital service that they are providing to our children and to our community.

Commissioner Bradshaw standing with Ella Davis at the SDIAE General Body meeting
With Ella Davis at the SDIAE General Body meeting

After that I joined my fellow AMVETS Post 44 members for a Fish Fry fundraiser at the American Legion Hall in Avondale Estates. I am so proud to be a member of this organization and support their efforts. The guys in the kitchen were working hard but they seemed to be having a good time. At any rate, the fish was excellent!! I thank all of them for their service to our country and their continued service to our community.

Picture of the AMVETS guys in the kitchen preparing for the fish fry
My AMVETS guys doing an outstanding job in the kitchen for the fish fry!

Later that day I attended the Beacon Hill Concert on the square in downtown Decatur. This event is hosted by the Beacon Hill Black Alliance for Human Rights. This organization empowers, advocates, educates, and organizes people of African descent affected by systemic racism in our community. The concert was designed to bring communities together. My office was pleased to help sponsor the event by making a $7,500 allocation from my reserve for appropriation funds. The stories by locals sharing the history of this area were excellent. And the music was good. I would like to commend the principal event organizer Decatur City Commissioner Lesa Mayer and her entire support team for hosting a great event.

Commissioner Bradshaw enjoying the Beacon Hill Concert with Decatur City Commissioner Lesa Mayer
Enjoying the Beacon Hill Concert with Decatur City Commissioner Lesa Mayer!

If you have any questions or concerns, you may call my office at 404-371-4749, or visit my website at I'm on all the major social media platforms as well. Feel free to follow me there for updates between the meetings, too.

As always, I will conclude my remarks by thanking the citizens of District 4 and DeKalb County for affording me this opportunity to serve. It is indeed, an honor.

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