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District 4 is Central DeKalb. The diversity of people inclusive of residents from dozens of countries, speaking many different languages, practicing a wide variety of religions, introducing countless new regional dishes and cultures, in all age groups, and on all socio-economic and educational levels. Everyone is welcome, and there is familiarity within central DeKalb from every walk of life. Central DeKalb is home to dozens of beautiful parks and community centers that host events and festivals year round to bring communities together. Our green space and parks help keep the area beautiful, quiet, and keep the residents in touch with nature. Central DeKalb also has the Stone Mountain PATH trail.  PATH trails enhance the experience of neighbors coming together to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature walks, safely biking the whole way across DeKalb on the PATH, and having a beautiful and safe 

place for children to get outside to play. Central DeKalb has many long standing and established thriving businesses and neighborhoods. As the home to Georgia State University Clarkston Campus, Georgia Piedmont Technical College and Georgia Military with thousands of students entering the workforce with the skills needed for today’s careers.  Its location and proximity to Atlanta provides easy access to major interstates and highways, Hartsfield Jackson Airport, performing arts, museums, amphitheaters and the MARTA system. Central DeKalb is also home to Stone Mountain Park Georgia’s most popular attraction with visitors coming from all over the world. There are still big tracts of land and business space available for growth.  Central DeKalb has tremendous potential as we embark on new development across District 4 and the County at large. Investors and developers are coming to DeKalb as their choice for business. Commissioner Bradshaw is dedicated to bringing out the best of Central DeKalb’s live, work and play options.



Avondale Estates is District 4's most creative city. Named after William Shakespeare's birthplace, the Tudor village of Avondale Estates is home to a thriving dining and arts scene; Between the ArtLot, Towne Cinema shows and concerts, artisan shoppes, unique thrift stores and charity consignment stores, and year-round festivals and art walks, there is something for every type of art lover and an environment for every type of artist to grow and thrive in. Avondale Estates is also home to several pet-friendly local craft breweries, cozy coffee shops, and amazing restaurants and bakeries that cater to all diets. No visit to Avondale can be complete without a trip to the first Waffle House location and a quiet evening stroll around the beautiful and hidden Lake Avondale!


Clarkston is not only District 4's most diverse city, but it may be the most diverse city in America. Time Magazine has referred to Clarkston as "the most diverse square mile in America!" Refugees from over 45 countries and speaking over 60 languages have settled in Clarkston over the past 25 years. This welcoming city is filled with culture, compassion, and brains. With the city's access to major all major highways and close proximity to Atlanta, Georgia State Technical College and Georgia State University Clarkston Campus have named Clarkston as their home base. Clarkston is also home to Commissioner Bradshaw! Looking to try something new? Clarkston's rich diversity has led to a wonderfully wide selection of authentic restaurants and unique shopping experiences. 



Pine Lake is District 4's smallest city, but is overflowing with character. Pine Lake is one of the most eclectic cities in the state of Georgia, and is home to numerous local and nationally known artists. Pine Lake Beach House is often used for small concerts, poetry readings, and art shows. This little community brings everyone together through food, and hosts monthly pancake breakfasts and annual festivals and events, usually focused on food. Did you know District 4 has a beach? Enjoy the laid-back vibes in Pine Lake by hiking around the lake, playing at the beach, taking a stroll through the eco-friendly wetlands, and relax with some fishing while you're here!


Stone Mountain is District 4's oldest city and home to Georgia's most popular attraction, Stone Mountain Park. Thousands of visitors a year climb to the top of Stone Mountain to find breathtaking views of Atlanta, DeKalb County, and Gwinnett County, explore hiking trails through the scenic surroundings, and stay for the famous Lasershow Spectacular. Stone Mountain Cemetery is historic landmark waiting to be explored by any history buff; the Cemetery is the final resting place for the granite cutters, farmers, and Stone Mountain townspeople as well as veterans from the Civil War to present. Don't forget to stroll through Stone Mountain Village for some delicious food and boutique shopping! Stone Mountain is also a picturesque place to live, complete with gorgeous neighborhoods and an immense tree canopy. Stone Mountain's event calendar is filled with festivals, 5ks, concerts, and community and charity events all year long. Everyone from the adrenaline junkie to the geologist to couples on a date will find something perfect for them in Stone Mountain!



Stretching from East to West, Memorial Drive runs straight through the heart of District 4. The Memorial Drive area is home to tens of thousands of residents, businesses, and is driven through daily by thousands of commuters. It is no secret to anyone that this part of DeKalb has seen better days. 

Since 2017, the revitalization of Memorial Drive has been at the top of Commissioner Bradshaw's to-do list. In 2018, he allocated $140,000 for a Revitalization Study, and another $81,000 in 2019 to explore the feasibility of creating a Memorial Drive Community Improvement District. In 2019, he allocated $1 million dollars from District 4 Park Bonds Funds for Avondale Dunaire Park, just off of Memorial Dr.  

The revitalization of the Memorial Drive area is a massive undertaking and will be a long and arduous process with twists and turns, ups and downs. Memorial Drive did not get to be where it is overnight, and we will not experience results overnight. But District 4 is 100% committed to the improvement of Memorial Drive. 

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