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We are here to help you with any issues you face in the community. Please review the resources below for frequently asked questions and information.


Code Enforcement FAQ

Planning Services

Permits, business licenses, and zoning


Transportation FAQ

Litter Abatement

Litter FAQ


Submit service requests here

Street Lighting

Access petitions and report street lights not working


Learn more about illegal dumping


Recycling, ASL info, bulky item pickup, etc.

Traffic Calming

Learn more about traffic calming

Keep DeKalb Beautiful

Submit service requests here (cleanup supply, etc.)

Storm Drains

Storm drain FAQ


Watershed FAQ

If your concern cannot be addressed with the resources above, please fill out the form below. Be specific and add as many details as you can. Here are some examples below:

1. Pothole at 123 Apple Street. Pothole at the intersection of Apple Street and Pear Street. 
2. There are dumped items to include a couch, 4 tires, and several bags of trash at the intersection of Red Road and Green Street. 
3. My neighbor at 1010 Sunshine Street has not cut their grass in weeks. Foliage is overgrown and there is a blue sedan without a license plate in the front yard. 

Thank you for letting us know! We will respond to your message shortly!

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