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Closing Comments from the 6.14.2022 BOC Meeting

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Good afternoon, everyone:

Today I would like to begin my comments by extending a heartfelt congratulations to my good friend, Former DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas E. Brown for being nominated to be the next United States Marshall for the Northern District of Georgia. This is an outstanding achievement and brings great credit to Former Sheriff Brown and DeKalb County.

Former DeKalb Sheriff Thomas Brown
Former DeKalb Sheriff Thomas Brown

This nomination requires Senate confirmation, and I want to commend our great U.S. Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for having the foresight to recommend Former Sheriff Brown.

This is of course a Presidential Appointment and when the FBI contacted me during Sheriff Brown’s vetting process I did not have to make up anything good to say. Seriously, it was an easy lift for me to sing his praises and I was deeply honored to be asked to speak on his behalf.

On a personal note, it was a phone call that I received from Thomas Brown in the fall of 2014 that helped convince me to run for the office that I now hold again after losing my initial bid in 2012. I am so glad that I took that call, as serving in this role has been one of the great privileges of my life. His support and mentorship have been steadfast over the years and I am honored to call Thomas Brown one of my best friends.

This appointment will be the capstone of a brilliant career in public service. I hope that the United States Senate does their work in an expeditious manner. And I look forward to one day soon addressing my friend as United States Marshall Thomas Brown.

On May 24 it was a great pleasure for me to join my friends in Dial Heights for their community meeting via Zoom. Dial Heights is one of the great communities in District 4. It was a pleasure for me to share updates on events going on in District 4 and DeKalb County, and more importantly, hear their concerns and answer their questions. The meeting was well attended, and I thank Wendy Collins, Fran Mohr and the entire community for making me feel so welcome. I look forward to meeting in-person next time.

On June 1 it was an honor to attend the DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation's Leading The Charge Awards Luncheon. The event celebrated 40 years of providing equal access to justice for the citizens of DeKalb County. The event was also an unveiling for the new name of the organization which is now called DeKalb Pro Bono. This new brand more accurately reflects the mission of the organization.

My office recently made a substantial financial allocation to support the outstanding work of this organization, and I was very happy to do so. I would like to thank Interim Executive Director Annie Jordan, President E. Noreen Banks-Ware and the entire Board of Directors and Advisory Board members for this critical service they are providing to our community and for the invitation to attend.

On June 4 it was a great privilege to attend the R.I.S.E. UP Opening Ceremony on the campus of Morehouse College. R.I.S.E. UP is a derivative of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, and it is a program that I have funded out of District 4 Reserve Funds for the past several years. This cycle, 45 young boys of color will be participating in the program. The mentors are students in the School of Technology at Morehouse College. I want to commend Dr. Kinnis Gosha for his leadership of the program.

Commissioner Bradshaw speaking at R.I.S.E. UP Opening Ceremony at Morehouse College
Commissioner Bradshaw speaking at R.I.S.E. UP Opening Ceremony at Morehouse College

Likewise, I would like to commend our own Human Services Department's Youth Services Division led by Damon Scott and Jashawn Williams for their amazing stewardship of this program. This is something that is very close to my heart and I intend to continue to fund it for as long as I am in this office. I look forward to attending the graduation ceremony in a few weeks.

Later that day it was wonderful to attend the community gathering at Deer Creek which is another great community in District 4. It is always a pleasure for me to fellowship with my friends in this outstanding community. Also, the food was excellent. I would like to thank Deer Creek HOA President Dr. Gerald Austin and the entire community for making me feel so welcome and for the invitation to attend. I am already looking forward to next year.

Commissioner Bradshaw, Diane Kersee, Robert Brisbane, and Dr. Gerald Austin
Commissioner Bradshaw, Diane Kersee, Robert Brisbane, and Dr. Gerald Austin

I would like to conclude my comments today by acknowledging the heroism of the team at Fire Station 23. During the early morning hours of Easter Sunday on April 17, 2022, firefighters were called to the Brockett Pub House and Grill in the 4500 block of East Ponce de Leon Ave. in Clarkston. The property has a liquor store attached which is a separate business.

DeKalb County Fire and Rescue reported that a car with a woman inside crashed into the building before catching fire. Thankfully, the driver suffered only minor injuries, but unfortunately, the liquor store ignited which induced a large fire which has nearly gutted the store.

However, thanks to the prompt action of our firefighters the Brockett Pub sustained only minor damage and was open for business again within two days. I am very familiar with this establishment and I have been a patron there for many years. I also personally know the owners John and Christina Gagne. And they expressed to me how grateful they are to our DeKalb firefighters for literally saving their business.

For our fire and rescue personnel they were just doing their job, for which they do not seek fanfare or acknowledgement. But my office wanted to do something as a token of our appreciation for saving this business in District 4. So, on June 9, it was our pleasure to buy lunch for the team at Fire Station 23, from the Brockett Pub of course, and fellowship with them for a while. As usual they were appreciative and humble.

And with your kind indulgence I would like to read the names of all the firefighters who participated in fighting this fire:

Michael Goff, Anthony Gomez, Christopher Paliz, Clayton Peck, Jeremiah Leonard, Christopher Morrison, Brian Aragon, Thomas Eberlin, Robert Peckrul, Andres Rivero, Victor Silveira, Jacob St. Clair, Jessica Dee, Rachel Novotony, Ricky Bodiford, John Henderson, Daniel Oropeza, Vaughn Andrews, David McBrayer, Damani Wilkins, Calvin Kyles, Hank Towery, Christopher West, James Echols, Joshua Wooten, David Aethiops, Matthew Bush, Marcus Dover, Spencer Smith, and Mark Johnson.

These are just some of the folks who run toward danger while the rest of us run away from it and are willing to put their lives on the line on our behalf. For this they have my eternal gratitude.

I would also like to commend and thank Fire Chief Fullum and his entire leadership team for effectively training and leading these fine men and women.

Fire Station 23
Commissioner Bradshaw with the courageous firefighters and Chief Fullum of DeKalb County Fire Station 23.

You may call my office for any questions or concerns at 404-371-4749 or visit my website and As always, I will conclude my remarks by thanking the citizens of District 4 and DeKalb County for affording me this opportunity to serve. It is indeed an honor.

One more thing: PLEASE GO VOTE!!!

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