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Closing Comments from the 4/13/21 BOC Meeting

Good Afternoon Everyone: Today I am very happy to report that after much time and significant effort, we will be breaking ground on our new District 4 Senior and Community Center on Thursday, April 15th at 10am. More information on the ceremony will be available across our communications platforms. Needless to say, this is a project that is very close to my heart. And I hope to see you all there. On April 17th we will be holding our second Quarterly in the Fourth Community Breakfast meeting for 2021. This will be a virtual meeting. And again, more information will be available across our communications platforms. On March 29th, my team and I visited the Latin American Association. This great organization is engaged in a number of areas providing service to our community to include Family Well Being, Immigration, Youth Services, Economic Empowerment, and Advocacy. I would like to commend LAA CEO Santiago Marquez and his entire team for the work that they are doing and thank them for the invitation to visit. My office allocated a portion of our CARES Act Funds to support their efforts, and we intend to continue to be supportive in the future. On April 5th, my team and I were able to take a delightful walk along the Peachtree Creek Greenway with Board Members Betsy Eggers and Vicki Hood. This project is a great initiative that cuts across multiple jurisdictions. It was a beautiful day for a walk, and I would like to thank and commend all the board members for their dedication to this worthwhile project. I am honored to lend my support in any way possible. Finally, for the citizens in District 4 and throughout DeKalb County, I can report that I was able to get my second COVID 19 vaccine yesterday. Overall, the process went very smoothly. Aside from my arm being a little sore this morning, I feel just fine. I would like to commend and thank all the good people at the Stonecrest location for their professionalism and their service to our community. Also, I would like to encourage all DeKalb County residents who are eligible to get a vaccine as soon as possible. This pandemic is far from over. I will close today by once again thanking the citizens of District 4 for affording me this opportunity to serve. It is indeed an honor.

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